427 Ford Crate Engines

427 Ford FE Type Crate Engines from
Robert Pond Motorsports Provide
Great Value in a True Turnkey Package!

All RPM FE type crate engines are dyno tested,
tuned and checked for power output.

  • Engines are prerun on dyno for break in and to
    check power output. Dyno sheets are included.
  • Engines are checked for any oil leaks.
  • New 427 Ford FE type engine blocks are manufactured
    by Robert Pond Motorsports
  • New 4 1/4 stroke crankshaft
  • New H beam rods with ARP bolts
  • New Canton 7 quart  T oil pan
  • CP pistons with premium rings and rist pins
  • Comp hydraulic roller cam
  • Hydraulic roller lifters
  • T&D rocker arm assembly
  • Heads fully C & C  ported stage 2, including
    intake exhaust and chamber
  • New intake manifold port matched
  • New water pump
  • New cast aluminum valve covers
  • New Holly carburetor, dyno tuned to engine
  • New distributor with steel gear, new wires
  • Engines run on pump gas and make over
    600 hp and 600 torque.

We can also customize your Ford 427 crate engine to
deliver even greater performance, on the street or off-road,
with fuel injection and other features. We can also help you
select the best transmission and stall speed converter for
your car.

Ford 427 crate engines from Robert Pond arrive at your
door meticulously detailed and show-ready. And to make sure
your engine runs at peak performance from the first day, we
include a helpful document on proper break-in, and a list of
parts for maintenance.


Questions? Robert Pond Motorsports has
more than 3 decades of experience with 427 Ford
crate engines. We’ll work with you to help you
understand every aspect of our fully dressed
assemblies, so that your installation is trouble-free.

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427 Ford Crate Engines

427 Ford Crate Engines